Dancing in the Parish Room

Uncaptioned photos are a bit of a nuisance. What we are looking at today is a group of people who appear to be doing a ‘grand chain’ as part of a country or barn dance.

Dancing in trhe old Parish Room in Market Lavington, possibly 1960s

Dancing in the old Parish Room in Market Lavington, possibly 1960s

We think this was probably in the 1960s. There’s a young man near the back who appears to have modelled himself somewhat on George Harrison of the Beatles.

This young man is something of a George Harrison lookalike

This young man is something of a George Harrison lookalike

The blobs are photographic error – not part of the suit – but we can just imagine all the older folk telling him to, ‘get your hair cut’.

We have no caption to tell us what the event was but perhaps it was a church social. None of the participants are named but we do know that Peggy Gye was amongst those present.


Perhaps some of this group might be identifiable.

We do have other photos of the same event which have been put in a scrap book by Peggy Gye at some point in the past.


That group has a man smoking – it wouldn’t be allowed these days – and could that be Sybil Perry at the far end?


This looks like Peggy Gye serving some refreshments.


Did they really play musical chairs?

We certainly get something of a feel of the old Parish Room here. At the time when we had this hall, it seemed fine and it did feel a sad day when it was demolished. But what a small, gloomy, cramped place it actually was when compared to our new (2007) Community Hall. Now that is a building our community can be truly proud of.

We also can remember that good honest wholesome fun was still available in those days, away from the TV and the as then un-thought of electronic devices of today.


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11 Responses to “Dancing in the Parish Room”

  1. angela smith Says:

    yes that was Mrs Perry in that foto . she was my teacher at ST,Barnabus many many years ago

  2. john buckland Says:

    Jonathan Gye with the beatle haircut. Bespectacled gent in photo with Sybil is John Thynne’s father and, same photo, Bill Pearce (extreme left)

  3. Liz Thom Says:

    Yes, we identified Marjorie Thynne’s husband (Lionel) too.
    Was it too early to be Alan Anderson, central in bottom photo?

  4. marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

    Thanks, Liz.

    Yes, we thought that person looked like Alan, but it was too early.

  5. John Buckland Says:

    No, that’s Mr Greenwood. Primary school headmaster.

  6. marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

    Thanks John. I believe after a spell living in Bath he has moved back locally again.

  7. Susan Morrice Says:

    the man smoking in the 4th photo down is my father Fred Sheppard with my mother Peggy, in the white cardi, sitting next to him. I believe the lady next to Peggy could be Phyllis Wright.

  8. Chris adams Says:

    Musical chairs pic= man on r/h side on his own is Bert Shore. Lady behind Jonathan Gye is Miss Partridge, Lady in front of pic with hair in bun is Winnie Cooper.
    Pic above with Peggy Gye serving =lady in front of her is Mrs Shore, then Lilly Wilkins then Winnie Osmond, then John Tit.
    Pic with Sybil Perry on end is l to r= Bill Pearce, Fred Shephard, Peggy Shephard, Mrs Wright, Lionel Thynne.

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