Lord Warrington and a pal

Lord Warrington of Clyffe – the first and last man to hold this title, was a high court judge – Thomas Rolls Warrington – elevated to the peerage on his retirement in 1926.

He had been a judge since 1904 and had purchased Clyffe Hall in Market Lavington as a country residence before the 1911 census. He and his wife Emma (they married in 1883) remained childless which meant his hereditary title was extinguished on his death in 1937.

We actually have very little information about their life and times in Market Lavington and just a few photos have come our way. This one, we believe, was taken in the grounds of Clyffe Hall.


Our Lord Warrington is the man on the right. We do not know who stands on the left and the name of Lord Warrington’s dog has not been passed to us.

We are amused by the fact that the two men appear to be in perfect uniform. They both wear homburg hats which were very fashionable in the 1930s, but their clothing is all but identical right down to the shoes, not to mention the neatly furled umbrellas. There is a difference of tone in the suits and for all we know they were quite different in colour.

At the museum we like this photo of two men, probably both somewhat aristocratic, but we’d like to know who the man on the left was.

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