Mrs Phillips and Sally

The Mrs Phillips in question here was born Eleanor Crassweller in Market Lavington back in 1889. Her father was George and her mother was a part of the Potter family in the village. We can’t trace much of her early life. In 1901 she was with her parents who were then Londoners. In 1911 her parents were visiting Market Lavington but Eleanor, now in her 20s, was working as a lady’s maid in central London.

We do not know when Eleanor returned to Market Lavington but in 1919 she married locally. Her husband was Fred Phillips. We don’t think the Phillips lived in Market Lavington at the time of the 1926 electoral roll. But we do know that fairly soon after, the Phillips lived on Spin Hill and that Fred ran a chicken farm at the top of Northbrook until his early death in 1934.

Eleanor’s one son, Edward, had been born in 1931. He lived only three days.

So widowed Eleanor lived alone. At first it was still on Spin Hill but by the 1960s Eleanor lived at Anne’s Cottage on Church Street.

This photo was taken in the garden there.

Eleanor Phillips and her dog, Sally in their garden at Church Street, Market Lavington

Eleanor Phillips and her dog Sally in their garden at Church Street, Market Lavington

There’s Eleanor with her dog, Sally. Our photo is captioned with the message, ‘Mrs Phillips took a prominent part in village life for many years’.

Eleanor died in 1975. She joined husband and baby son in St Mary’s churchyard.



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5 Responses to “Mrs Phillips and Sally”

  1. Jan Clare Says:

    Aunt Eleanor as I used to call her even though she was in fact my 1st cousin twice removed. She was a lovely lady who would visit my grandmother and her sister regularly in Oatlands Park, Weybridge, Surrey. I remember her with great fondness as we used to visit her on our way home from holiday each year. We would talk endlessly about the white chalk horse figure that was up the hill that she would help clean. I would help collect the Queen Victoria (bun) pennies that she collected for charity and always arrived with a large pot of them. I took this photo one year on our visit to her. Thank you so much for putting an article about her on your museum website, it was so lovely to read about her again. This has inspired me to do more research into her life.

    • marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

      I love your comment which gives us a little insight into the life of Eleanor. It seems to me she had a hard life, losing child and husband. It must have been so tough. Yet it seems she managed to appear cheerful and joined in with whatever she could.




  2. G McBean Says:

    I have my husband’s grandmother’s autograph books from when she was a nurse at Barham lodge, oatlands park. in WW1. Eleanor Crassweller has written a verse of the Masefield poem, “all I ask is a tall ship”, it’s dated 19/6/1916. Under signature she has written Englefield Lodge, Surrey. Hope this is of interest

  3. Jan Clare Says:

    I guess that Eleanor would have been staying with Louisa Barnes in Oatlands Park, Weybridge. ( her mum was Janet crassweller)
    I would be very interested to have a copy of the Masefield Poem that my Aunt had written about ” All ask is a tall ship”

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