A new sports field

Lavington Comprehensive School has expanded over the years. Of course, when it was built it was a Secondary Modern School which later became a comprehensive establishment and that increased the size of the school population. New buildings were needed to house extra students and that is a process that has continued. And then new facilities – a sports hall for example – were deemed essential. New science and technology areas were built and it all meant the available space for sports was reduced.

A new field was needed and one became available (or was acquired) just opposite the school on the south side of the road through Market Lavington.

This had been an agricultural field and work was needed to level it so that it was suited to sport and to adequately fence it. This went on in 1979 and our photo shows the levelling in progress.


Lavington School; sports field being made in 1979

Lavington School; sports field being made in 1979

On the extreme right we can see the footpath which had to be diverted for it is, more or less, in the middle of the new field. It was moved to go around the southern edge of the field on its way from Market to West Lavington.

Just off centre we can see the levelling machine with St Mary’s, Market Lavington beyond.


Machinery and church


And here is a similar view in 2010.

A similar view in 2010

A similar view in 2010

It looks as though we got better colour rendition in 2010!


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