West from the church in 1972

This is a very unassuming image yet it was taken with foresight or maybe foreknowledge of the future. It is a view from the churchyard in Market Lavington, looking in a westerly direction and taken in 1972.


Wast from Market Lavington Church in 1972


In the immediate foreground we have the fence, hedge and gateway between the churchyard and Grove Farm.

This fence, hedge and opening now link church and green

This fence, hedge and opening now link church and green

This is still recognisably the same as now although the rather tumbledown kissing gate has gone. The area just outside that gate is now the Community Green.

In the fields we can see what must have once been a building on Grove Farm.


A former Grove Farm building


Goal posts on the football field

Goal posts on the football field

Beyond that there is a football field – all these areas are now the Grove Farm housing estate.

Further away we return to the older areas – Park Road. When built that had the rather prosaic name of Estate Road.


Beyond Park Road we can see Lavington School, little more than ten years old when the photo was taken and without many of its present day buildings.

Much has changed in the past forty or so years.


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4 Responses to “West from the church in 1972”

  1. Pete Says:

    Isn’t Lavington School to the west of the church, not east?

  2. James Perry Says:

    Only a short time later houses and bungalows were built on the church side of Park Road. My parents and I lived in number 26 a split level house and Mrs Francis (having retired from farming and sold the farm) lived in Dunfarming the bungalow next door. I am sure the football field had disappeared by then. I would be intersted if anyone has any information on this and who used it – was it the school perhaps before the sports field was created South of the B road?

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