A work box from 1938

This small piece of furniture was made by Tom Gye for his sister, Bessie. Tom was 17 when he made it which means it was made in 1937 or 38. Bessie was one of Tom’s big sisters, born in 1917 so perhaps Tom made it as a 21st present. Bessie may be better remembered by her married name of Bessie Francis. Her husband, Peter, was the village photographer for many years. This item has just been given to Market Lavington Museum.


A work box made in 1938 for his sister, Bessie

This item is craftsman made in oak. Some of the joints are accurate dovetails.

Neat dovetail joints

Neat dovetail joints

Here we see an example of Tom’s teenage work on the drawer. The lid opens to make it suitable as a needlework box. The drawer and lower shelf offer additional storage.

The box has plenty of storage space

The box has plenty of storage space

We feel very privileged to have this locally made item, with all the provenance of family knowledge. We hope to be able to display this item and make use of the storage it offers to display other items. You’ll see it in the entrance room at the museum.

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