Clyffe Hall in 1957

This is a second photo originally purchased on 5th August 1957. It shows Clyffe Hall which was being run as a country hotel by the Reynolds family at that time.

Clyffe Hall, Market Lavington in about 1957

Clyffe Hall, Market Lavington in about 1957

The original owner has trimmed the photo (and not very neatly) but it is still a good picture of the hall in that era. We believe the photographer was Peter Francis.

Clyffe Hall was built in 1732 and in the nineteenth century it became closely associated with the manorial estate. From 1850 the Hon Louisa Hay lived there. Her head gardener, James Lye, was, perhaps, more famous than she was. He produced many new varieties of the fuchsia and if interested you can buy some of his cultivars from the James Lye National Collection whose web site is at  .

The photo has some distant people sitting under trees. They are too far away to recognise, but they could be members of the Reynolds family or maybe hotel guests.

The original owner of this photo recorded that he had dinner at Clyffe Hall back on 5th August 1957.



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