The Cottage and The Oak

Being given this image by a pair of local residents this week was quite serendipitous. The same image had been offered for sale on Ebay but the bidding had outstripped our ability to pay. And then we were offered a chance to copy an identical card held by the non-computer using couple.

The picture shows a part of Easterton Street. We think it dates from the early 1950s.

Cottage and Royal Oak on Easterton Street in the 1950s.

Cottage and Royal Oak on Easterton Street in the 1950s.

The thatched cottage on the left is still there and still thatched. The growth of shrubs make it difficult to see from the road now.

A similar view in the 21st century

A similar view in the 21st century

Let’s take a closer look at the cottage, some 60 years ago.

An Easterton cottage - 1950s

An Easterton cottage – 1950s

It was, and remains a cottage full of ‘olde worlde’ charm. It looks to have everything an English cottage should have.

Looking very closely adjacent to the cottage, but actually with Oak Lane between them, is The Royal Oak, Easterton’s pub which, again can be seen in the modern picture and which is still operating as a hostelry.

The Royal Oak as it was 60 years ago

The Royal Oak as it was 60 years ago

The big change to the pub has been the removal of the single storey extension under a slate roof that we see in this picture. Where that once stood is now a small car park – the pub has more parking space behind.

This lovely image can remind us of comparative constancy. Not so much has changed in 60 years here.



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5 Responses to “The Cottage and The Oak”

  1. angela smith Says:

    oh my , my late dads local pub and mine he he ….be nice if any 1 could remember who used to run it late 70s /early 80s .if I remember correctly he was a miserable so and so

  2. Lesley Unger (Maisey) Says:

    I also have some photos of the Royal Oak from the late 1950’s, my parents ran it during those years (Ken & Peggy Maisey)
    According to any records I was the only baby ever conceived and born there in the bedroom above the lounge bar on 14th June, 1959.
    This place is very special to me. but as I have lived in Australia since we left Easterton in the late 1960’s I’ve only had a few visits there.
    Your blog is great, thank you.

    • marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

      Thanks Lesley.

      It’s always good to hear from ex locals. The move away gives a sharp dividing line and can really help to clarify dates.

      If course, we’d love to see any photos you might have if you felt able to email them. I’ll send an email to you.

      I can also make sure Vivienne receives your message. She still lives and works locally.



      Hon. Curator

  3. John Money Says:

    Hi, Sherry and John live in Lilac Cottage, while Alan and Valerie Williams are the owners of Little Thatch which make up both parts of The Cottage located at the junction of Oak Lane and Easterton High Street. We would like toknow the history of The Cottage, it’s original use, it’s owners and inhabitants.

    • marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

      Sorry, John, I do not have any information about the cottage beyond that written on the museum blog by my late husband, Rog, the curator.

      Past owners and their occupations can be found on the 10 yearly censuses, but it is not always possible to pinpoint the exact building along the route taken by the enumerator. Being next to the pub might help in your case. We have hard copies of censuses in the museum, but many people have access to them on line. There may be names on your house title deeds, which you could match with the head of household on the census.

      Good to know that you are interested in the history. I expect you are aware of Sheila Judge’s book on Easterton Village. Kooky the Clown has been working on digitising and updating it.

      Best wishes

      Sue Frost

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