The Story of Laura Hughes

Laura was one of the last people to live at Pond Farm on the downs above Easterton. By the time she was there it was no longer a farm and her dad was employed to operate the water pumping engine.

Laura Lavinia Hayward was born around 1905 at Ludgershall but we can find her at Pond Farm with Dad, Mum and little sister at the time of the 1911 census.

In 1995 Laura was 90 and was called Laura Hughes. She lived in Warminster but she was taken on a surprise visit to her old home. This was reported in the Warminster Journal for 1st September 1995.

It is their report we show below. The story is told by Laura’s son.

image002 image004 image005 image006 image008

These pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

What a delightful story – and what a strange life for Laura as a young lass on remote Salisbury Plain.

We’d love to hear from any descendants.

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8 Responses to “The Story of Laura Hughes”

  1. Jim Spencer Says:

    You can find her younger sister riding in a cart pulled by Wally James on this blog. See Oct 26 2011.
    Laura’s husband Norman Hughes and my dad were cousins. Laura and Norman used to live at No 46 High Street, Easterton and her sister Edna with her husband Reg Huxtable next door at Farm View no 48.
    This was before Laura and Norman moved to a farm at East Knoyle

  2. Jacky Mclean Says:

    Really pleased with this article, Laura’s husband, Norman Gerald Hughes was my 4th cousin once removed. Delighted to have a photograph of Gerald.

  3. Jacky Mclean Says:


    Norman’s father George Hughes was at one time publican of the Royal Oak at Easterton.

    The last known address for Geoffrey Hughes I have is at Upton Scudamore, would appreciate any more information of their descendants.

    Many thanks


  4. Claire Says:

    Hiya, Laura was my great Nan. I used to love hearing stories of when they lived at Pond Farm. Uncle Geoff lives in Devon now. My Nan Audrey lives not far from Westbury. We were talking today about the Easterton and how her grandad was publican at The Royal Oak. We are going to go through old photos soon, so if there are any Good ones I can scan them across to anyone with interest in the local area. My mum has recently been to the cathedral where great Nan and Norman got married when they were in Oz!

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