Another Harry Hobbs advert


We love the shop adverts that came from Harry’s High Street shop. They are popular with our visitors too. Today’s ad has been placed on our Hopkins loo cistern. It seemed an appropriate place.

1950s advert for Domestos from Harry Hobbs. shop

1950s advert for Domestos from Harry Hobbs. shop

Really, this needs a bottle of appropriate Domestos to complete the display.

We have a reminder here that we used to be greener than we might think we are today. These days we dutifully put our used glass bottles in the skip where they get smashed to smithereens. The glass is then taken to a furnace to be melted and reformed – a huge cost in energy terms.

Back then, in the 1950s, we merely borrowed the bottle and paid a deposit (in this case tuppence (2d) for its safe return. When a van arrived at a shop with fresh supplies they could gather up the returned empties and take them back to the factory. They could be cleaned (which certainly meant some energy expenditure) and then reused.  What a sensible system! It even made kids pick up discarded bottles so they could get the deposit money back – an army of litter pickers!

So actually, to purchase your bottle of Domestos you’d need to pay over 1/3d but you’d get the tuppence back when you returned the empties.

It’s another lovely reminder of past times.


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2 Responses to “Another Harry Hobbs advert”

  1. Jean Says:

    I so remember this! Only it was in the 1960’s I took the bottles back to the shop and got tuppence 🙂 When I tell anyone this today they look at me like I’m mad! Thank you for digging this one up.

  2. Janet Says:

    My sister and I lived in a shop and only us had access to the back of other shops. One of them was a supermarket where they kept the returned domestic bottles. We would get 2 or 3 and take them back to get thruppence back on each one. A few days later we would get another 2 or 3 and do the same thing over and over again! They must have wondered why we used so much bleach!
    No one else seems to remember getting money back. I’m glad to see someone else does!

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