Parsonage Lane?

Some years ago a simple pencil sketch was bought on Ebay and given to the museum. The sketch is very clearly labelled.

Sketch suggesting Parsonage Lane in market Lavington

Sketch suggesting Parsonage Lane in Market Lavington

There at the bottom right it clearly says, Parsonage Lane, Market Lavington.

Very clear label!

Very clear label!

We think this may have been a sketch drawn to be copied into a painting. A close look reveals other words written on that may have been intended to remind the artist of colours.

Could this be a signature?


H Ivy? No, it’s more likely a reminder that there was ivy in the picture. We do not know who the artist was.

We don’t recognise the scene, either. This is not the Parsonage Lane we recognise. Looking up hill, as this picture does, we’d expect to see the Racquets Court on the left.

Is it the continuation of Parsonage Lane That leads up to Spin Hill? That looks more possible, but we don’t recognise the house.


We wonder if anyone out in Blogland can help us identify just where this is. We think it might date from about 1910.


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