Boys at Broadwell

We have had a glorious spell of weather at the start of July. It was like the summers we remember (probably quite wrongly) from childhood. Then, in memory, the sun shone warmly from a cloud free sky and we were free to be out enjoying those carefree childhood days. That would be just like this group of lads back in 1952.

Boys at Broadwell in Market Lavington in 1952

Boys at Broadwell in Market Lavington in 1952

Our museum caption on this photo says the lads are outside the shed used by the band. Oh, the dangers of old captions. The shed and band are both long gone and so, alas, have some of the boys in the photo. The cartie that one of the lads has is sure to have gone.

This building was close by Broadwell and belonged to Merritt the blacksmith. John Merritt of that family was the band master for more than fifty years and he had the space here for the band.

Our caption gives us a list of names of the lads who appear in this photo – sadly it doesn’t attach names to individual people. What we have is:

Names: Maurice Little, Keith Arnold, Stan Andrews, Gordon Heywood, Johnty Gye, Jimmy Steele, Tim Gye

That’s seven names for nine lads Can you help us?

Let’s enlarge the lads to make it easier.



We look forward to hearing from you.


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6 Responses to “Boys at Broadwell”

  1. Jim Spencer Says:

    I love the Wiltshire reg plate on the cart or Takabaldy as we used to call them. I wonder if it belonged to a dads car?

    • marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

      I’m fascinated to know the origin of the word ‘Takabaldy’. We just called them karties over in Sussex.
      But what fun they are – something present day kids miss out on.

      • Jim Spencer Says:

        Don’t know. The name could have been our own invention.
        Mine had a 2 valve radio I made fitted up front with headphones and 120 volt ht + 2 volt Lt batteries and whip aerial. Trouble was the vibration caused the valves to ring in the headphones when on the move! Happy days…

      • marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

        Gosh! Electronics on a Takabaldy! That sounds classy!

  2. James Perry Says:

    Cannot be a hundred percent but I think the names are in order of the boys left to right. Maurice Little I am fairly sure is on the extreme left. The two Gyes are sitting on the WV reg Takabaldy and kneeling directly behind it. So that is why I think the names are in order.

  3. marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

    Hi James and thanks. It still leaves seven names for nine boys.
    Any idea where the word Takabaldy came from?

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