Dusty Feet

The Dusty Feet exhibition opens to the public in the Young Gallery at Salisbury Library today.

This delightful, quirky and interactive exhibition is about text in all its forms and signs.

And we at Market Lavington Museum have contributed by loaning items to it. And good folks from our area and elsewhere have embroidered text messages onto handkerchiefs – they make a wonderful backdrop.

Actually, the exhibition extends into the library itself and you are greeted, in the library entrance, by a Market Lavington typewriter.


The exhibition is themed in yellow – it’s very striking.

Elsewhere downstairs you’ll find a James Neate collection.


These items are normally close to floor level in our museum. It’s great to see them at a higher level.

There’s also a brick and brick box display in the main library.


But the main exhibition is upstairs (or lift). That’s where we find the handkerchiefs and here’s one of them, produced by an Easterton embroiderer.


And another is by a Market Lavington person.


There are others produced by local talent – maybe more than we realise, for some are anonymous.

Our well known door from Mr Walton’s shop is in the main exhibition.


The photo doesn’t show that staff at the shop, over the years, signed the door. The exhibition has another door which you are invited to write on.

Our rubber stamps with the names of all the local parishes also feature.


We have another typewriter in the IT room.


Of course there are plenty of items from elsewhere to tell the tale which has been curated by Kat and Alister of Two Destination Language.

The exhibition runs until August 23rd. How wonderful that the folks and visitors in Salisbury can see something of Market Lavington as well.


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