Before the Grove Farm Estate

Many people realised that the building of the Grove Farm estate was a big change for the village of Market Lavington. This was a big development of new housing. Quite a few folks were out with cameras to record the scene.

We have recently been given some photos by a member of the Francis family. This family were the last to actually farm at Grove Farm and, indeed, one of the new roads was called Francis Road in honour of that family.

Here is one of the photos.

The start of work on the Grove Farm Estate in 1987

The start of work on the Grove Farm Estate in 1987

Work has just started in this view in which we look west over the fields. Lavington School is on the right hand edge of this photo.

Lavington School

Lavington School

Looking further round we can see the Park Road houses. We believe the house with windows in the roof line once belonged to Sybil Perry.

Park Road

Park Road

Further round we see houses on The Spring

The Spring

The Spring

Present day residents on Grove Farm quite often ask, ‘What used to be where my house is now?’ This photo really gives the answer – it was pasture land.

This photo and half a dozen others date from 1987. It may seem like only yesterday to many of us, but it is more than a quarter of a century ago. You’d need to be over thirty to have any real memories of the fields that were Grove Farm.



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One Response to “Before the Grove Farm Estate”

  1. James Perry Says:

    The house with the windows in the roof belonged to Mrs Francis (ex Grove Farm) and was called Dun Farming. The house to the right with the white garage door lower right belonged to Sybil and Des Perry. They moved into it as first owners after it was built. The white garage door actually led into a storeroom/workshop as there is no road access to the rear of the property – just in case anyone was wondering!

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