Say McVitie’s!

This is another of our adverts which came from Harry Hobbs shop which used to be just opposite the Green Dragon on High Street.

This one is different from all the others in being made of thin sheet metal folded around cardboard. Like other ads, it is delightful.

1950s advert from Harry Hobbs' 1950s shop

1950s advert from Harry Hobbs’ 1950s shop

We have quite a posh 1950s family – the lad even sports a bow tie. Mum has her tea and the girl of the family is persuading the family parrot to beg for a biscuit. Not any old biscuit, of course. The parrot must learn to give the name of the correct manufacturer.

Once again we have an item to bring back memories of a past era – already this ad is much loved by museum visitors.

Why not come and see this ad and others for real. Our museum is crammed with memorabilia – all about Market Lavington and Easterton, but of course, some items, like these adverts, have a much more general interest.


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5 Responses to “Say McVitie’s!”

  1. Jackie Metcalf Says:

    I have been searching for this advertisement for years as I remember it clearly from when I was a child. I knew it was McVities but until now I have never seen it ,,,,,,happy it wasn’t just my imagination!!!

  2. chris Says:

    Thankyou for sharing this pic. Im 55 now and remember this pic on a little corner shop in sunderland in the early 60s before i started school.It was wonderful To see it once more As I have never come across thisSince the shop closed. Happy memories

  3. Margaret Faircloth Says:

    I’ve been looking for any acknowledgement of this advertisement as my husband is the little boy in it .we have an original copy given to him . They had to do two takes as the lady in it didn’t have a wedding ring on so he was paid twice . Do you know who the other models were ?
    Margaret Faircloth

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