Usher family – help wanted.

We recently had a visit from a member of the Usher family who lives in Norway.

Ushers at the museum

Ushers at the museum

He’d like help with tracing information about his family who lived in Market Lavington in the 19th century.

He sent us this information.

Usher Family of Market Lavington

Thomas Usher 1805-1891 b. Trowbridge

Jemima Bailey (1) 1802-1845 b. Great Cheverell Married Thomas 20th April 1828

Jane Gardener (2) 1804-1874 b. Erlestoke Married Thomas 1838 Westbury

Mary Scull (3) 1810-1882 b Erlestoke Thomas married her after Jane’s death in 1874

George Henry Usher 1829-1829 b. Little Cheveriell c. 6 March 1829

Frederick Usher 1830-1877b. Little Cheverell c. 4th July 1830 Married Mary Park

Louisa Usher 1832-1877 b. Market Lavington c. 8th April 1832 Married Fredrick Butler

Elizabeth Usher 1833- b. Market Lavington

Mary Jane Usher 1835 b. Market Lavington Married James Amor

Alfred Usher 1838-1881 b. Market Lavington c. 15th April Married Ann Still from M. Lavington

George Usher 1843-1910 b. Market Lavington – My Great Grandfather who married Louise Brown and moved and lived (and died) in Salisbury with their 11 children, I have details of most of them and he died in 37 Endless Street, now a B&B establishment.

In 1851 15 year old Mary Jane was a servant in the house of James Farmer, Butcher, 17th High Street.

In 1815 17 year old Elizabeth was a servent in the house of Cornelius B. Holder, Minister of Market Lavington Chapel, Market Place.

In 1851 Alfred & Ann lived in Townsend, number 10 in my notes, whether this is a street number or a register number in the census I am not sure !

In 1861 Alfred & Ann still lived in Townsend, he was a plumber & glazier.

In 1861 George lived with his parents in High Street, Cabinet Maker.

Our thought – for we have no information – is that the Ushers were members of the non-conformist church in Market Lavington.

Can anyone out there provide more information?

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6 Responses to “Usher family – help wanted.”

  1. Stewart Kingsley Says:

    Hi. I am wondering if this blog about Usher family refers to my late mother’s family. Mum was Evelyn Mary Usher and her sister (my Auntie) was Muriel Clare Usher. Their father was Ernest Usher – Master Cabinet Maker – married to Ethel (nee Clare) of 44 Salt Lane Salisbury. I chanced upon this blog when researching family history – I have two small items of furniture actually made by Ernest, my grandad, that I am about to dispose of, any Ushers interested would be welcome to them!!!
    Stewart Kingsley

    • marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

      I believe our George Usher who moved to Salisbury had a son called Ernest who was a cabinet maker and lived on Salt Lane. In 1911 he was married to Emily but it looks as though she died later in 1911 and in 1913 an Ernest Usher married Ethel Clare. I suspect she was younger than him. In fact there was a single Ethel Clare, twenty years younger than Ernest Usher, living on Salt Lane in 1911.

      It looks like the same family>



      • Stewart Kingsley Says:

        Yes, those are my ancestors. My grandfather did indeed re-marry. I can remember my mother’s step-sisters from his first marriage, Dorothy and Kath, they were my “Aunties” when I was little, they were both very kind to me and I miss them, as much as I miss my mother’s sister – my Auntie Muriel. My Mum and Muriel were daughters of the second marriage between Ernest to Ethel Clare.
        So who is the Norweigian Usher chap in the blog? Please pass him my best wishes!!!
        Thank you.

      • marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

        I have sent him an email with a copy of your message and asked if he’d like me to pass his email address to you. Alternatively, with your approval I could send your email address to him.

        I believe Ernest was one of 11 children so you will have a goodly collection of relatives.

        And the Norwegian chap lives in Norway as a result of work. He is British.

      • Stewart Kingsley Says:

        Yes by all means give him my email. I’m in communication with Salisbury Museum director Mr Green to see if he wants the old Ernest Usher furniture, it would be nice to donate it back to Salisbury.

      • marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

        Nice offer to Salisbury Museum. They will have the same problem we all have of lack of space – but who knows.

        I’ll send another email to Mr Norway!

        On Tue, Nov 17, 2015 at 8:26 PM, Market Lavington Museum wrote:


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