The arrival of the Commemoration Stone

One of the ideas that the First World War Commemoration Group had was to place a stone, which could be used as a seat on the green just outside the church. In the fullness of time the stone will have a suitable inscription to mark the centenary of World War One and there will then be an official unveiling ceremony.

At the museum we decided the arrival of the stone was history in the making and we were there to record the scene.

Here comes the stone – into the Community Hall area.

image002 Mike Bridgeman watches, ready to tell the driver where the stone is to go. The stone was very much Mike’s idea and he has done the organising that has meant the stone has arrived.


The stone is quite a beast!


Mike and driver discuss tactics.



The stone is transferred to the front loader for the journey up to the site.



Up the path…



…and onto the green.


The stone is lifted off the pallet



It is slowly edged into place


and when all is right it is lowered.


Spot on!


It seemed fitting that Mike should be the first person to try the stone as a seat

We know that the First World War Commemoration Group wish to thank Martin Bodman for all he has done to help them get the stone into place.


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One Response to “The arrival of the Commemoration Stone”

  1. Maurice Wilkins Says:

    A lovely idea, but even Mike’s legs have difficulty in reaching the ground! Maybe a smaller footstool stone is required!

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