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We have had many new items in the museum this year and that’s fantastic both in the museum and for this blog. We do like to make this blog a bit random – rather like our Museum Miscellany which will be on October 4th this year, in the Community Hall in Market Lavington. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased at the Post Office in the village.

We could also remind you that there is a ‘search this site’ facility on the blog. Just type a word into that box and you’ll get a list of all of our posts which contain that word. That’s very handy for genealogists searching for a particular name.

Amongst those new items this year we still have some of the Harry Hobbs’ shop adverts top look at and it is one of these we’ll look at today.

Domestos advert from Harry Hobbs' shop in Market Lavington

Domestos advert from Harry Hobbs’ shop in Market Lavington

This item is large – about 90 cm long and quite tall as well. The picture shows it is a bit battered and we hope our friends and helpers at the Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre will be able to make this item a bit more secure.

Our Mrs Mop type character can be seen about to use Domestos and a couple of scary and scared looking germs are rushing off in hope of escape.

This advert has a base with a circle marked for the shopkeeper to place a bottle of Domestos to complete the display.

This lovely item is not yet on display, partly because of its condition. But at least we can display it photographically just here.




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