The Bell ringers of 77

Market Lavington is lucky enough still to have a team of ringers, albeit more are wanted to take up or return to this fun activity (our curator does it)

Sadly, none of the ringers of 1977 are still ringing in this area although one or two might ring elsewhere.

This photo recently turned up in a collection which our former archivist had. We think it is 1977 because many photos in the collection showed 1977 Silver Jubilee events. Maybe this team rang for that event.

Market Lavington bell ringers of 1977

Market Lavington bell ringers of 1977

From the left we have Johnathan Gye who, sadly, died far too early back in 2001. Next to him is a man we are not certain of, but we think he could be a son of Maurice Baker. Maurice is the man on the right and he died a couple of years ago. The third man from the left is Johnathan’s father, Tom Gye. He is still alive, but no longer ringing for he is well into his 90s. We marked him getting an award for 70 years ringing on this blog (click here).

We do not know the fourth man – the younger chap in blue but we think he may have come from the Plymouth area and may have been staying with Tom and Peggy Gye. Next, the fifth man, is Fred Davis. He was another man who died far too young, back in the 1980s. And then, as mentioned before we have Maurice Baker.

How good to have a picture of the ringers of that era, standing outside the tower door at St Mary’s

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2 Responses to “The Bell ringers of 77”

  1. PJ Edwards Says:

    I think the man second from the left is Wilf Davison who with his wife Phylis ran the hardware store opposite The Market Place.

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