More Jam Factory Girls

Today we have another photo from Karen, the great granddaughter of Samuel Moore. It shows more workers at the jam factory.

In Samuel Moore Foods jam factory in Easterton - probably 1960s

In Samuel Moore Foods jam factory in Easterton – probably 1960s

On the left we have Jackie Danton. In the middle is Mrs Kittle – or should that read Kiddle? And on the right it is Maureen Cooper.

These three ladies are clearly dealing with catering orders, The jam is not being put in jars, but rather into quite substantial cans. Samuel Moore Foods supplied quite a bit to hotels and the like so one assumes that is where the catering packs were going.

We believe this photo dates from the 1960s and, as ever, we’d appreciate any further information about people and/or processes.

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4 Responses to “More Jam Factory Girls”

  1. Chris adams ( nee Ashley) Says:

    I think that the first girl is Pat Danton, not Jackie and it is Mrs Kiddle who’s son runs the garage at Easterton today

  2. marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

    My informant for names was Pat Danton so she is probably right. I doubted the name Kittle – but that’s oral history for you and it tells us what the name actually sounded like when spoken.



  3. John Burgess Says:

    Mre Kiddle, Jackie Danton (now Methias my sister in law) and Maureen Cooper, the cans are 7lb in weight the machine being operated seals the lid on the can. They also made a 28lb carton for the larger bakeries such as Hales Cakes

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