A Jam Factory Lorry

We feel so lucky that Karen got in touch with us. She and her brother, great grandchildren of Samuel Moore, came to see us at Easterton’s rain soaked show on August Bank Holiday. This was one of the photos they brought.

Samuel Moore lorry in about 1930

Samuel Moore lorry in about 1930

What a wonderful period shot.

The man leaning on the mudguard is William Moore – son of Sam and grandfather of our contacts. He was born in 1903 and appears to be quite a young man here so maybe the photo dates from the late 20s or early 30s.

A lorry expert can probably tell us more.

The other man, sporting the apron, is not recognised by us – but you never know what you might learn by publishing on a blog.

Loading the lorry has been quite a substantial job. It would have involved lifting all the boxes of jars by hand.

The sign on the lorry tells us it carries Moore’s Jams. The sign on the top of the shed – readable with quite a bit of photo tweaking – says just the same.

Over to you, folks. Tell us some more about the people, or the lorry, or the jam.


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