Number 2 Parsonage Lane

We have commented before that Parsonage Lane is not well represented in photos at the museum. Just recently this lack was slightly redressed with some photos at Number 2 – generally of a wedding but with one that showed the house. It has a big crease across the photo.

The photo was found in the house by the present occupant. He’s been in the house for fifty years and has allowed us to make copies. It stands to reason that the owner was not the original owner and he knows nothing about dates or people. But despite that crease, here is a lovely photo.

Number 2 Parsonage Lane in Market Lavington - possibly in about 1912

Number 2 Parsonage Lane in Market Lavington – possibly in about 1912

The house still looks much the same now. We can only guess at the age of this photo which could be the 1910s to 1930s.

At that time the house was occupied by George Cooper and family. George was a coal merchant. He married Mabel Brown in 1909. The family were at Parsonage Lane for the 1911 census and were there as shown on electoral rolls in 1926 and 1939. George died in 1956, still living at Parsonage Lane. Mabel followed in 1968 but she had moved to a smaller house by then.

It seems likely that the family here are George and Mabel with two of the children.

Are these people George and Mabel Cooper with two of their children?

Are these people George and Mabel Cooper with two of their children?

The two children look to be girls. If all our guesses are right this would suggest this is an earlier photo.

Winifred was born in 1910 and is on that 1911 census. Irene was born in 1912. The next two children were Herbert in 1914 and Henry in 1919. Gwendoline May was born in 1921 and finally there was Robert in 1926.

But we’ll emphasise again, this is guess work. We have no other photo of George and family for comparison and this could have been visitors at the home.

And you may have guessed it by now – we hope you can help us with a positive identification.


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3 Responses to “Number 2 Parsonage Lane”

  1. Janice Feltham (nee Quick) Says:

    I remember living at 2 parsonage lane with my Nan Mrs fanny Fielding it was the first house in the lane then right on the corner. my nan lived there and brought up her 9 children their.the planks lived at number 1 next to us, i lived their with my mum honor quick nee fielding from 1950 to 1958 because my father died after a road accident in white street he was riding his bike down from the hollow to pick me up when a van pulled away on the wrong side of the road, He died in frenchy hospital . Then we moved to 5 market place in to the new bungalows that were built in the market place. I lived there untill 1966 when i married.

  2. Janice Feltham (nee Quick) Says:

    Looking at that the picture again that is not 2 parsonage lane, back a few months ago i was in market lavington and i had a look at my old house, it was up for sale and the person let me in and i asked why the house was now number 1 she said it got changed as it was causing confusion.. Also if that is number 2 where has the wall gone.
    Iff you look back at a picture you posted awhile back with 2 women and a boy talking on the step, one of the people was my nan fanny fielding.

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