Woodbine Cottage

We are happy to receive digital copies of photos, but it can be good to get originals for then we have the ability to scan at a much higher resolution than is often used. So we were delighted to get an original copy of Woodbine Cottage in Easterton – the long-time home of Samuel Moore and family. That’s Samuel of the jam factory.


Woodbine Cottage – probably about 1910

Of course, high resolution images make little difference on a blog – but we can zoom in to see detail and this picture has some interest which is hidden at the low resolution. We can start with the people.


Picking fruit from the hedgerow

These two characters, out in the lane and picking something are now potentially recognisable – although as the photo must be more than 100 years old it may be unlikely that anyone will know them. But we can hope.

Note the adverts. Woodbine Cottage was a shop at this time.

Note the adverts. Woodbine Cottage was a shop at this time.

The man with the rake could be Samuel so it could be his wife at the door. And this clearly dates from a period when the Moores also kept shop at the cottage. The right hand side is well covered with adverts. Certainly in 1911 Samuel was described (by himself) on the census as a fruit grower and preserver AND grocer. We can also see that the roof was covered in corrugated sheeting. That high res scan certainly makes a difference.


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