Yet more jam factory girls

We are so very lucky at Market Lavington Museum. People keep giving us items and it can take time for them to appear on this blog. We do work at having something different each day rather than having a whole set of similar items, just given.

So today we return to photos given us by Karen, a descendant of Bill Moore and also, of course, of his father, Samuel. Both were leading lights in the Easterton jam factory.

This picture shows more of the workers about their daily tasks.

Crate Packing at Easterton jam factory in the 1960s

Crate Packing at Easterton jam factory in the 1960s

These are clearly packing jars of jam into wooden crates. On the left we have Winnie Gilkes who lived in Market Lavington Market Place. Winnie was born in about 1907 and died in 1977. The rather photographically washed out lady on the right is believed to be Claudia Mundy. She was born in about 1948 so hopefully is still alive. We think she lived on High Street in Market Lavington.

We don’t have names for the two in the background. Maybe you can help us there.

We don't have names for these two. Can you help?

We don’t have names for these two. Can you help?

We feel lucky to have these photographic memories of the old jam factory – a distant memory now for many for the last pot of jam came off the line on  9th October 1998 – more than 16 years ago.

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8 Responses to “Yet more jam factory girls”

  1. Peter Edwards Says:

    I am pretty sure the ladies at the back are Peggy Marston on the left and Pauline Burry. Both of Market Lavington.

  2. John Buckland Says:

    Yep, Pauline Stratton, nee Burry and I’m sure that’s Pat Munday, Claudia’s sister. Both alive & well.

  3. John buckland Says:

    It’s Violet Webb opposite Pauline. (This info is from her niece.)

  4. Don Coleman Says:

    The ‘washed-out lady’ is Pam Beale who married Ted Potter of Tilshead/Shrewton.

  5. Duncan Potter Says:

    Haha, just found this old post. Yes, that was Pam Beale, now full name Christine Pamela Potter, my mother 🙂

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