Market Lavington Real Nativity – 2014

The Real Nativity has become an established part of the run up to Christmas. This year it was blessed with good weather which meant it could take part – where appropriate – outside.

However, performers and large congregation gathered in the church where we start with Mary doing the chores. She is joined by the Angel Gabriel who tells her she will have a child – the son of God.




Joseph is understandably concerned that his fiancée is expecting a child but he sees Gabriel in a dream and is told all is well.



Roman centurions arrive.


They order everybody to go to their home town for the census. They are a fearsome duo so they are obeyed.



The people of Bethlehem congregated in that town.


Members of the cast can, of course, join this throng.


The angel kept a watch over all although maybe that wasn’t part of the original story.


Joseph arrives in Bethlehem with Mary. She is ‘great with child’ and is riding a donkey.


They try to find an inn which can take them but innkeepers keep shouting at them, ‘no room!’


Eventually, a kindly inn keeper says they can bed down in the stable with the animals and leads them away to this makeshift shelter.


Meanwhile shepherds, out in the flock minding sheep are trying to keep warm.


Aha. 21st century health and safety applies. There’s a real fire so there had better be a real fire extinguisher. Or our photographer can hide it by just using the glow from the fire.


Shepherds arrive in the stable (AKA the Community Hall) where Mary has produced the baby Jesus.



Three kings arrive.


They pay homage to the baby Jesus.


The donkey joins the onlookers.


During the action, the villagers have been singing approriate Christmas Carols and we ended with a wonderful rendition of ‘Hark the Herald’.

Well that wasn’t quite the finish. Mulled wine, mince pies and a good old chinwag were much enjoyed by all.

We at Market Lavington Museum are pleased to make these photos available for participants in the event to download. In case any aren’t aware, larger versions of photos can be seen by clicking on them.

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