Home Guard in 1941

In World War II our local Home Guard were able to make use of the Old House as their HQ, We have a number of photos, all carrying the Burgess Brothers, photographer mark, which show members of the Home Guard outside the Old House. This one we have not shown before on the museum blog.

Market Lavington Home Guard in 1941

Market Lavington Home Guard in 1941

We have sixteen men here and the good news is that we have most of the names. Let’s start with the nine men who are standing (from left to right):

F Perry, not known, A Davis, D Perry, L Plank, C Saxton, not known, L Burgess, W Pike. And the seated front row is:

Not known, B Cooper, H Lovejoy, Captain Kimber, W Titt, J Lovejoy, B Gibbs

We are sure there are people out there who can tell us more about these men, willing to defend their homeland in what we now affectionately call Dad’s Army.

Do get in touch if you can tell us anything about any of these chaps.



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One Response to “Home Guard in 1941”

  1. Pamela Ley Says:

    No photo of my Uncle Bert (Albert Merritt) included here. You might recall we discussed his family a while back, as he’s a sibling of my late mum, Frances, and Liz Francis’ late dad Robert. In that previous photo that was posted it says Bert is wearing home guard uniform, however he wouldn’t have been married at that time and I would have thought he would have been called up? Age wise he must have just missed it if not. To my knowledge he didn’t play a role on the family farm, and I’m not aware of health reasons. I wonder if Liz knows any more? Maybe Easterton also had a Home guard? Like the history page I run on Facebook for Combe Martin, every new discovery adds another question! Regards Pam Sent from my iPad


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