Pond Farm for sale

Today we look at an extract from the Bath Evening Chronicle for Monday June 11th 1877.

Masthead of Bath Evening Chronicle - 1877 style

Masthead of Bath Evening Chronicle – 1877 style

Little details are always of interest. This paper, it says, was produced every afternoon at five o’clock and sold for the princely sum of one halfpenny. For those who don’t remember our pre-decimal currency, if you had a pound you could have bought 480 copies of the paper.

But it is one of the adverts that adds to the interest, big time, here.


Pond Farm – for sale by auction

This was a sale by auction of an Easterton property. This was the farm known as Pond Farm which once stood up on Salisbury Plain.

We have photos of the farm, but a written statement adds extra information.

Lot 1 – Comprising a comfortable well-arranged farm residence containing sitting room, kitchen, back kitchen, dairy, wash house, wood house, four bedrooms, attics and WC and having good yards, barn, stabling for nine horses cow house to tie eight cows, calf house, piggeries, waggon house &c together with about 52 acres of valuable rich arable, orchard and garden land now in the occupation of the Messrs Hampton

Lot 2 – Three well erected freehold cottages and gardens in the occupation of respectable tenants and at present let at a rental of £11 12s (£11.60) per annum.

This was all being offered for auction by Messrs Marsh and Dawes with the sale to be at The Green Dragon in Market Lavington on Tuesday 26th June 1877 at three for four o’clock in the afternoon precisely.

So here we get information about the rooms in the house and the farm out buildings and cottages. One of the cottages was in the possession of a member of the Burnett family and another member added ‘Gran’s Home’, in hand writing.

It all makes for a fascinating document.

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