A fashion parade with a difference


Actually this ‘catwalk’ display, back in 1955, was a part of the annual fete and it wasn’t so much a display of modern fashion but rather a pageant of historic costumes.

At Market Lavington Museum we have a list of who wore just what and who owned and loaned the costumes. It’s a long list, covering three sides of the then prevalent foolscap sized paper. This was longer, but a bit thinner than our present A4 size of paper.

Here’s the first.


And the second page.


And finally the third page.


By the way, you can click on any of the images to see a larger and more readable version.

And what a sight this must have been back then, 60 years ago. And what a grand list of names. Many have, sadly but inevitably, passed on but our curator is keen to hear from the many – youngsters at the time – who are still with us. Who knows, someone, somewhere, might even have a photo of the event.

We already know that Roger Francis remembers the event. He’s the former resident, now living in Tasmania who published a novel last year called ‘The Lost Pages’. His book features Market Lavington quite heavily and we have featured it on this blog. (Click here).

We do look forward to hearing from others who remember this long ago display of old costumes.

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