A bill from Mr Pomroy

Charles Pomroy was a draper who operated from premises on High Street pretty well on the corner of the Market Place where the chemist’s shop now stands. He had been born in Market Lavington in 1829 but spent the early years of his married life in Sutton Benger. We believe he returned, with wife and family, to Market Lavington in the latter half of the 1860s. We can find him running his business in Market Lavington on the 1871 and 1881 censuses but by 1891 he had retired and was living in West Lavington.

We have a couple of bills from Mr Pomroy’s shop. We have seen one before (click here) and here is another sent to Mrs Gye, probably in the 1870s although a full date is not given.

An 1870s bill from Charles Pomroy of Market Lavington

An 1870s bill from Charles Pomroy of Market Lavington

Mrs Gye had clearly purchased a hat and a hair net. Other items could include blind cord, ruffle and something else connected with windows. We find Mr Pomroy’s writing hard to read. The total bill came to 18/10 (89p). This is in the region of £100 in terms of purchasing items but people were not so wealthy then. In terms of income somebody who earned that 18/10 in 1875 might well earn £600 today.

Times certainly change!

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