Fiddington Lodge

Time was when the area where the Fiddington Clays estate now stands was the site of the asylum. Fiddington House had been run for over 130 years as a private enterprise home for people with nervous disorders until the end came in the 1960s. Here we see the Fiddington Lodge house shortly before demolition.

Fiddington Lodge in about 1960

Fiddington Lodge in about 1960

For many years this had been the home of Diana Benson. Older residents in the area recall standing outside the Lodge hearing her play her piano. Diana was a part of the family who owned the asylum but music was her forte. She might have been a professional pianist but war and life intervened. She had a rather short lived marriage which foundered over the question of taking her piano to Malta during World War II. Diana, it seems chose her piano over her husband. Later she became a nun.

We’d love a picture of Diana at the museum. Has anybody out there got one they could copy and send to us?


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2 Responses to “Fiddington Lodge”

  1. Vivienne Kevan Says:

    Hi Rog !
    Diana was my Aunt and I have a few photos of her – I believe I have one of her somewhere playing the piano ! Give me a few days and I will copy some through to you.
    All the best.

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