Some history of The Volunteer Arms



The pub known as The Volunteer Arms used to stand on Church Street, just around the corner from Parsonage Lane.  Back in the late 70s there were four pubs in Market Lavington but the old ‘Volley’ was the first of these to go almost thirty years ago. Here we present a short written account of some earlier history of the pub.


The Volunteer Arms, Market Lavington, formerly The Angel

This Public House was once owned by Mr Thomas Potter who died as the result of an accident on Ledge Hill, Market Lavington in 1848.

The property then came to his son, John Potter, who eventually sold it about 1864 to his step-mother Mrs Jane Potter who lived there till about 1876 when the house was sold to Messrs Wadworth, Devizes. Till this time the beer was brewed on the premises.

After Wadworth bought the house the first licensee was a Mr Wilkins who had been a…


…Volunteer and took a great interest in the movement, at this time the name ‘The Angel’ was changed to ‘The Volunteer’ and so remains. The sign was on a high pole at the end of the yard nearest the road.

This information was given by the late Mrs Hannah Crassweller, youngest daughter of John Potter and granddaughter of Thomas Potter.

Mrs Crassweller died February 1952 aged 91.

Which means her memories go back into the 1860s.



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3 Responses to “Some history of The Volunteer Arms”

  1. Maurice Wilkins Says:

    Do you know any more about the Mr Wilkins who owned the ‘Volunteer’? Although my surname is Wilkins, by total coincidence my maternal 4x great-grandfather William Phipp married Elizabeth Wilkins in Potterne in 1777; she had no connection with ‘my’ Wilkins who come from Berkshire.

    Are there any Wilkins in Market Lavington today?

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