One rule at Market Lavington Museum is that all items we have must have a real link to the parishes of Market Lavington or Easterton. Maybe thirty years ago, when the museum started, this rule was not followed with quite the same rigour. For among the artefacts that came to the museum back then was this one.


Now I’m not talking about the ruler for that does have real local provenance having belonged to Jack Welch. But why do we have a miner’s safety lamp? One thing is for sure. There are no coal mines, or, indeed, any type of mine around here. Our records back in the 1980s aren’t good and tell us that Peggy Gye gave it to the museum. She, of course, founded the museum and curated it for more than twenty years. But as to the origins of this lamp – we have no idea.

There is a local family called Davey. This is the same as the lamp’s patentee, Sir Humphrey Davey, but the local family have no known connection.

It is a nice item, but doesn’t really fit in our collection. It seems unlikely it was ever used in Market Lavington. However we have it and we keep it.

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