Knitters Paradise

All sorts of shops have been tried in Market Lavington. Sadly, many didn’t survive and this is one of them. This was a shop for all things knitting whether it was wool, needles, patterns or ready-made knitted items. It opened on 5th October 1987. The premises were on Church Street which had once been Mr Pike’s butchery shop and later a business called Lucinda. It was run by Mrs Karen Clarke

A new shop is announced in Market Lavington - 1987

A new shop is announced in Market Lavington – 1987

Karen was born and raised in Market Lavington and still lives there – but don’t try that phone number for we do not know who has it now. Not that there is a Lavington exchange with its own four digit numbers any more. Our local numbers became 6 digit Devizes numbers.

At the museum, we cannot recall how long Karen’s shop lasted but it does feel like quite long time since we had a knitting shop.

Sadly all trading outlets have declined, not just in Market Lavington and Easterton.  Shopping is so easy on-line these days.

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