A Bovril Jar

OK, glass Bovril jars are almost as common as muck but we are still pleased to have one at the museum.

It was acquired at a day centre sale earlier this month. It’s a small one.

These jars were factory made in a variety of sizes. We believe this one was a two ounce jar.

Our Bovril jar is the same as many, many others.

Our Bovril jar is the same as many, many others.

The shape is distinctive, with the long neck and the flat sides. It is the curved ends that have embossed writing.

The jar makes itself clear. It contained Bovril

The jar makes itself clear. It contained Bovril

One thing we are not sure about is what kind of lid these jars had. We assume it was some kind of ‘prize off’ metal lid. There’s certainly no thread for a screw on lid. The bottle could be 100 years old but may well be newer than that.

We open for the new season on Saturday May 2nd at 2.30 pm. This little jar will be on the new acquisitions shelf in the upstairs room.


Here’s a reminder of our normal opening times:


From May to the end of October on Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday and bank holiday afternoons from 2.30 to 4.30 pm. For group visits or opening at other times please contact the curator.


Visitors should park in the Community Car Park and walk up the path to the church. The path behind the church leads to the museum.

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2 Responses to “A Bovril Jar”

  1. Mrs Rose Doe Says:

    I have dug up an 8oz Bovril limited jar, 3x 4oz bovril jars, 2x 4oz Oxo jars, an Ellimans Embrocation bottle, an Edwards “uzon” Brilliantine small bottle and there are some more glass bottles like the small milk bottles used in schools once from Express dairies.and S.A.C.S. your more than welcome to have them if you want then I would rather donate them tgsn let them sit collecting dust.

    • marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

      Thanks for your offer, Rose. Were they dug up in Market Lavington or Easterton? Items in our museum have to have a local connection. If they are local, I’ll need to check what we have already. We don’t have all of those, but I think we may have the Bovril jars.

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