Miss Windo makes a list

Gladys Windo came to Easterton in 1933 as head teacher at the village school. It proved to be her ‘for ever’ job and home. She was active in all sorts of village life and served on the parochial church council for nearly fifty years.

Why she needed or wanted to copy out a list of the church electoral roll in 1984 we do not know. But she did just that and her copy has recently been given to the museum. This preserves not only a lovely example of Miss Windo’s wonderful handwriting, but it also lists 117 adult residents, nearly all of Easterton or Eastcott and gives their address. It is only church members – not the entire village, but it still could prove useful to family history chasers.

Miss Windo's list of the Easterton parochial electorate in 1984

Miss Windo’s list of the Easterton parochial electorate in 1984

That’s the front cover and here’s the entry Gladys made for herself.

Miss Windo was the final name on the list but one more was added later

Miss Windo was the final name on the list but one more was added later

So that we preserve Gladys’s original work, a copy is available amongst our family history lists at the museum.

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2 Responses to “Miss Windo makes a list”

  1. Judith Matthews Says:

    I was in Miss Windo’s class from 1955 until 1959 and clearly remember her beautiful handwriting. She spent many hours trying to teach us all to write in the same style with dip pens, which had wooden shafts and metal nibs. Blots were a common problem as transferring the ink from the inkwell was a hazardous business, and pink blotting paper was used in abundance. The nibs would sometimes catch in the paper and this led to the common cry, ‘Miss, I’ve got a crossed nib’! We were occasionally entered into handwriting competitions and some did quite well, so she must have been teaching us successfully.
    One day Miss Window had been marking the register, which she did with a dip pen in a bottle of ink, when she asked me to come to her desk to run an errand. Somehow I managed to knock over the bottle of ink which splattered all over the register. I was petrified as I waited for the roasting I was sure I would get, as Miss Windo stood no nonsense, but to my eternal amazement she just said ‘Accidents will happen’ and I got away with it. She gave me sixpence for singing in the choir at a wedding that week too, so she couldn’t have been too cross.

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