The Crowd at the Green Dragon revisited

A short while ago we published a photo of a crowd of people (mostly men) at the Green Dragon in 1950. Steve and Nicki at the pub hope to recreate a similar scene soon and the idea has attracted a lot of attention. And as a result we have the names of most of the people in the photo.

This was the photo.


Below we have numbered the people.


And now the names as supplied (some guessed) by Gordon and a couple of names suggested by Wilf. Thanks to both

  1. Mary Dawson, the landlady
  2. Jerry Dawson, the landlord
  3. Possibly the Dawson’s son
  4. Wilf Jenks
  5. Ed Potter (who was Mrs Elisha’s father)
  6. Terry Bolton (always known as Bimbo)
  7. Ron Ellis
  8. Ben Hurkett
  9. Charlie Golding
  10. Not known – possibly surname Cox
  11. Fred Burt
  12. Fred Hurle
  13. Aubrey Chapman
  14. Frank Potter, brother of Ed
  15. Mrs Cooper who was Aubrey Chapman’s grandmother
  16. Ernie Hayball
  17. Possibly Mr Cooper
  18. Puzzle Burt
  19. Possibly Wiggy Burgess
  20. Bill Sainsbury

Best of luck to the Green Dragon in doing their recreation.

Can you add anything to this or do you want to know more?

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