Mustard Ointment

Mustard Ointment was one of those remedies for many things that used to be popular and remain popular. In fact in some ways using unproven remedies is even more common these days. Science and scientists tend to get rubbished in the media. Many scientists are portrayed as the geeks who can’t communicate and get it wrong. And a mass of web sites and blogs, not to mention social media sites pass on unscientific hearsay as facts and people seem to believe that.

Which is not to say that mustard ointment still finds huge favour, except as a museum exhibit.

Mustard Ointment tin at Market Lavington Museum

Mustard Ointment tin at Market Lavington Museum

We know little about this product and have it dated as mid-20th century. Alex Parsons, the manufacturer, not surprisingly thought highly of its ability to create better, more lasting and stronger limbs, joints, neck and muscles.

He also tells us that the product is Blue Cross Quality, a phrase which seems to have little meaning here in the UK being much more widely used across the Atlantic.

Users are not advised of active ingredients.

Some people still use mustard medicinally. It seems to work as a counter irritant. You put some ointment on your skin and it takes your mind off the real problem.

Can anyone expand any further on that? And can anyone give us a more specific date for our tin?


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