The Nursing Home – Then and Now

Actually, our then photo is not from so very long ago. The Nursing home, in the old Vicarage building, was well established and in 1996 it was expanding. The old Parish Room had been demolished to improve the entrance and new accommodation was being built to cater for the needs of all sorts of elderly folk. In the summer of 1996 it was one big building site as seen in this photo.

Extensions being built at the nursing home in 1996

Extensions being built at the nursing home in 1996

The one person in the photo, in white shirt and tie, is presumably a site manager, checking the plans.

These days we might assume he was checking something on his smart phone, but such things, ubiquitous though they are now, were barely in use at all back then.

The former Vicarage is clearly visible and other buildings have that rather harsh look of brand new structures. But things soon mellow and eleven years on in 2007 we see a very similar view.

Nursing home in 2007

Nursing home in 2007

By then there was a neat and tidy entrance to the site. People are even less in evidence than they were in the building site photo but actually, the nursing home is quite a vibrant community and, as far as possible, very much part of our local community.





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2 Responses to “The Nursing Home – Then and Now”

  1. Jenny Haines Says:

    I have a photo of the old vicaragemarket Lavington Wiltshire England. My distant relatives visited there in 1970. Charlie Wilson son of JVC Wilson. Eileen Charlie’s wife. Also John wilson, son of JVC Wison. &’Alice Jane wilson. I am trying to do MY HERITAGE tracing back my family history. They are standing in front of the place. I googled this & saw this info. Love to know more. Don’t know how to attach my photo.

    • marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

      Thank you for your comment, Jenny. If you find Market Lavington Museum blog with a search engine or by clicking the small blue word museum in the last paragraph on the page you found about the nursing home, you will find a search box on the right hand side of the page, Type in vicarage (or anything else you wish to explore) and press return. You will then be able to find other entries written by the curator, with more pictures. I am not sure about how to attach a picture to a comment on the blog. If you like, you could attach it to an e mail to and we could see if your picture is one we have at the museum. Good luck with your research.

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