Peggy and Tony

Some of you may be following the Jack Welch Diaries – our museum blog about Jack’s service in World War One, 100 years after the event and written in Jack’s own words, either in his diary or in the more substantial letters home.

Jack was born and raised in Market Lavington and after the war he settled here again and raised his own children, Peggy and Tony in the village.

Peggy later married Tom Gye and is well known as the founder of our museum. We owe a huge debt to Peggy and so do you, the reader. Without her there would be no museum and no museum blog. Peggy herself was never a computer user but we reckon she’d be thrilled to know that her work now reaches a worldwide audience. We know that in the last thirty days people in 57 different countries of the world have accessed this blog. Yes, Peggy would be delighted with that.

And we were delighted when we were given another photo of Peggy recently, this time with her little brother, Tony. The photo has a bit of damage, but the important areas are fine.

Peggy and Tony Welch in about 1926

Peggy and Tony Welch in about 1926

We estimate this photo as dating from about 1925/26 and we are fairly confident the location is the garden at Spring Villa.

The owners of the original actually had not recognised the people and had no particular connection with the Welch family. They did not know why they had this particular photo.

We are always pleased to see photos of our founder, albeit this is 60 years before the museum opened its doors.

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