A School Photo

School photos can be a bit of a nightmare for us. Many people have them and they tend to be undated and uncaptioned. We were recently given this one.

A market Lavington school phot from about 1950

A Market Lavington school photo from about 1950

We think this dates from about 1950.  It shows a class of 38 pupils with their teacher who is Mrs Sybil Perry.

We are fairly sure we recognise family likenesses in this picture but as yet we have no names for students.

Are you in this picture? Can you name any pupils?

We did very well getting the names of the similar date photo of customers at The Green Dragon.

Perhaps, in a few days, we’ll come back to this photo with people named.

Here’s hoping!

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9 Responses to “A School Photo”

  1. John Young Says:

    Although not throwing any light on the identity of the Market Lavington pupils in the photograph the may be of interest.
    I went to Dauntseys Elementary School, West Lavington from 1954 until 1959 and remember Mrs Sybil Perry there. Presumably she had changed jobs or was teaching part-time at both schools? She was sharp in manner and strict but very fair too.
    Am I right in thinking that her family were agricultural contractors? I recall the thrashing being done for Albert William (Bert) Coxhead of Littleton Pannell by a Mr Perry from Market Lavington. He had a Field Marshall tractor which drove the drum and a Massey Harris for other work. The job was usually done in a field off Pagnell Lane which Bert rented from a Mr Dyson of Devizes.

    • marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

      Hi John and thanks again for an interesting comment. I’m afraid I can’t answer your questions, but Mr Perry was Des by name and their son is a fairly frequent commenter on this blog. There were other P{errys about. The one known to me was always known as Shep Perry, being a shepherd by trade.
      If I contact Sybil’s son no doubt we can discover more.


  2. James Perry Says:

    Mum had me in 1953 so I think she moved schools on her return to work after maternity leave or soon after. I believe she spent her later time there teaching in a bulding across the road and a bit towards Tilshead. I think, and I could be wrong, that these were secondary school pupils and she then moved to the new secondary school in Market Lavington when it opened in 1962

    The Mr Perry John refers to could be Fred Perry who lived up Lavington Hill. He ran a taxi business and behind his house in the cutting was a contracting business to which I think he was connected. I recall mainly earth moving machinery rather than a threshing machine though. I know Mr Buckle of Easterton used to use a threshing machine and tractor very similar if not the same as described well into the 60’s if not early 70’s.

  3. John Young Says:

    Hi James. It’s a long time ago now (I’m 66) but I recognised your Mum immediately I saw the school photo. I was 10 in 1959 when I moved away from West Lavington as my Father left his post at Dauntseys and took up the headship of Hardley County Secondary Modern School near Southampton. Mr RGG Challoner was my master at West Lavington but I recall that your Mum did teach us on occasion. I believe the school had an annexe off Eastfield at West Lavington which would tie up with your recollections of location.

    I recall Bert Coxhead calling the thrashing contractor ‘Fred’. The last time the machine was used on his farm was in 1957. The following year a Massey Harris bagging combine came to cut the crop but I don’t know who the contractor was. I have not heard of Mr Buckle before. My late friend Bert Dibben of Martin, Dorset also did thrashing right into the 1980’s and covered an area bounded by Poole, Devizes, WInchester and Southampton so probably knew Mr Buckle.

  4. angela smith Says:

    mrs perry was my teacher at st Barnabus in the 70s she was 1 of my fave teachers ….. I also remember mr perry from spin hill , he and my late parents were very good friends

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