Sunny Spread

Regular readers will know that the theme for one of our 2015 displays is ‘Lost and Found’. It features many items that have been dug up in Market Lavington. Some have been found by people with metal detectors and others by people digging the garden. This jar lid falls into that category and has the hole made by a fork tine to prove it.

Sunny Spread jar lid - found in a Northbrook garden

Sunny Spread jar lid – found in a Northbrook garden

This lid, like the Bristol Dairies one also found recently, probably dates to around 1960. Yeatman and Co set up their Cherry Tree Works in Watford in 1942 and it was there that they made this mix of honey and invert sugar (plus colour and flavour).

It’s another item which might have been ‘Lost and Found’ but maybe somebody can tell us more about the product and when it was made.

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6 Responses to “Sunny Spread”

  1. John Young Says:

    My mother used to buy Sunny Spread at Coleman’s (later R.V. Blake) in West Lavington certainly from 1953 until we moved away in 1959 down to the New Forest. She bought it because it was cheaper than ‘real’ honey. I would often get a clip round the ear for spooning some out of the jar to eat on its own and then popping the jar back into the pantry.

  2. Sylvia Banf Says:

    Was sunny spread pure honey or did it have an added Ingredient

  3. Jean Stocks Says:

    I loved sunny spread on bread as a child in the 1950’s and was searching for it on Google when your page popped up. It was very like a set honey.

  4. Angie Says:

    Was digging my garden found one similar but maybe newer version or older not sure in East Sussex don’t know how to put pic up on here

  5. Lesley peters Says:

    My mum bought this in key markets in the late 50s for our toast every morning and very yummy it was too.

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