The Scouts of 1978

It always seemed rather odd that Market Lavington, in the middle of landlocked Wiltshire, decided to convert its scouts into sea scouts. Or maybe it was just a good idea to give the lads who joined up a bit more aquatic experience.

Outwardly, the standard scout uniform was exchanged for something looking a bit more naval as seen in this 1978 photo.


This is, of course, taken in what often gets called The Scout Hall but was built as the Workman’s Hall.

It is a grand photo, showing a very neat and proper collection of leaders and lads – but you may have guessed it – we have no names.

However, we are confident that somebody out there will be able to name all of these lads some of whom will now be around 50 years old.

Do get in touch if you can help and remember you can see a larger copy of the picture by clicking on it.

Update – Brian Ewart fourth from left, front row


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2 Responses to “The Scouts of 1978”

  1. John Burgess Says:

    I cannot help with names but a little history regarding Lavington Scouts and Cubs. Their hall was in the yard behind the arch alongside the Work man,s Hall. The Scout leader was a Mr Vear.
    As i remember it was over in the right corner and had steps going up to the hall.

    • marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

      Is that the early fifties, John?
      The present sea scouts still meet in that hall. It’s the upper floor of the Workamns’ Hall and those steps also provided direct access to the caretaker’s living accommodation.


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