Ezra Price again

Our curator has been looking through his personal ‘stuff’ again and has come upon another piece of Ezra Price memorabilia. Regular readers may recall that Rog found one of his old records was in a sleeve which had the name E Price on it. Ezra owned a music shop in Devizes but he was born and raised in the Fiddington area. The Price family were well known in Market Lavington. Ezra’s brother, Enos, ran a coach service from Market Lavington to Hungerford when that Berkshire town was the railhead for our area. Now Rog has come across some sheet music which has been rubber stamped by E Price.

The moon has raised her lamp above - 1930s sheet music as sold by the shop owned by Ezra Price

The moon has raised her lamp above – 1930s sheet music as sold by the shop owned by Ezra Price

The moon may have raised her lamp above. But the workers at E Price’s shop have used that moon as the background for their rubber stamp mark.

E. price and sons Ltd have stamped on the moon!

E. price and sons Ltd have stamped on the moon!

So there we have it – E. Price and Sons Ltd of Handel House, Devizes who sold pianos, gramophones, records etc. We think this particular piece of sheet music dates from the early thirties which was long after Ezra’s death but the name of the old Market Lavingtonian lingered on via the business he founded. Interestingly, Rog recalls buying this music as a brand new item at the music shop in Devizes in 1971. ‘There were drawers laden with old sheet music’, said Rog. The cost was almost give-away. Rog recalls that Mr Oliver, who by then owned the shop, carefully converted the sixpence price into the new decimal currency and charged 2½p for this music. The music can remind us that people have always moved around. Some came to Lavington and made good. Others, like old Ezra, found fame and fortune a few miles from their original Lavington home.

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6 Responses to “Ezra Price again”

  1. Phil Says:

    Hi. The head office of E Price was in Bournemouth. Branches also in Boscombe, Amesbury, Andover, Yeovil & Parkstone. Do you have info on Arthur Dennis Robbins who managed Andover up to 1926 when it came under A D Robbins name until taken over by Teague & King in 1933. Phil

    • marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

      Hi Phil

      Thanks for all the info. Much appreciated.

      We have no information on Arthur Dennis Robbins. We are a specific museum dealing only in Market Lavington and Easterton so unless Mr Robbins had a connection we’d be unlikely to know anything


      Hon. Curator

  2. Phil Says:

    Hi Rog
    Thanks for your reply. A D Robbins was Ezra P’s grandson and so was directly connected with the family and certainly managed Andover branch until 1926 – maybe others. Between 1926 & 1933 the Andover branch was under his own name. I am particularly interested in any parts of the collection the Museum has relating to Ezra’s music business; letters,ephemera etc as from a local history angle I am trying to piece together much missing information relating to the Andover and Bournemouth shops including a particular member of staff Maud Clarke who worked at both branches as long ago as just before WW 1. I’m excited to discover even the initial information above about the sheet music. Because it was still in stock as late as 1971 I am wondering if Devizes was the head branch and perhaps all the old business stocks were sent back there when the Mr Oliver ran it. Maybe in the Ezra P collection you have there could be references to some of my queries.
    Perhaps I could speak with you on the phone about some of this ?

    • marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

      At the museum we have nothing related to the business which had nothing to do with our parish. I’d guess the Devizes branch came first as it was in Ezra’s area but that is only a guess.

      I think the Olivers had run the shop for years and rather suspect they had old stock’

      https://locksands.wordpress.com/2014/06/03/handel-house/ has most of the information I have about The Price business.

      Be patient and someone out there with more information than us at the museum might see your comment and respond. It does happen.

  3. Phil Says:

    Many thanks for all so far Rog. I will keep an eye out for further ‘news’ on the subject. I have just seen the ‘Handel House’ Devizes link also this a.m. and posted similar comments there.

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