The career of Miss Ross

Miss Ross was, for fifty years, the infant teacher at West Lavington School, but her home, for many years, was in Market Lavington for she was the daughter of a Market Lavington man. This news article was published in the Wiltshire News of 19th February 1982 and, sadly, it was following the death of Miss Ross. Miss Ross is at the left hand end of the back row in this picture.

Miss Florence Ross(back row at the left)as a very youthful teacher at West Lavington School.

Miss Florence Ross as a very youthful teacher at West Lavington School

Miss Florence Ross as a very youthful teacher at West Lavington School

The story with this picture, shown in full below, tells of Miss Florence Ross, daughter of Joseph Ross who was head gardener at Clyffe Hall. When her father died, Florence lived with her mother and other family members in Market Lavington High Street.

Clyffe Hall is close to West Lavington School and Florence attended it as a pupil until the age of 14. That was in 1918. The very next term, Florence returned to the school as a teacher and she taught there until 1968.

The day after she retired she became Mrs John Parr of Swanage and Dorset became her home until after the death of Mr Parr when Florence returned to the Lavingtons. She died in 1982.

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Maybe members of the Alexander family could add something to this story???


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2 Responses to “The career of Miss Ross”

  1. John Young Says:

    I was part of the post war baby ‘bulge’ so started school a year late at the age of five in 1954 in Florence Ross’s ‘first class’. Miss Ross took both first and second classes and I very much enjoyed those two first years at Dauntseys Elementary School, West Lavington. Happy days.

    I’m pretty certain that it is a young Mr H W Vear in the photograph wearing the boater. He was the headmaster whilst I was there and he lived in the school house. I’m not sure when he retired but I have a book that was presented to me on prize giving day 1958 by the Bishop of Salisbury and signed by Mr Donald O Pritchard, Mr Vear’s successor so retirement would have been prior to that. I left in 1959 when my father who had been teaching at Dauntseys School took up the headship of Hardley County Secondary Modern School and we moved to Hampshire.

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