Flo Burbidge

Flo Burbidge was born in our museum building, then the family home, back in 1908. We therefore feel a real affection for her and we have quite a few memories of her in the museum. But of course, Flo had a life to live and no doubt went off to see friends elsewhere in the village. And perhaps she had here.

Flo Burbidge at a Knapp Farm cottage in the 1920s

Flo Burbidge at a Knapp Farm cottage in the 1920s

Here we see Flo, probably in the 1920s, outside quite a different cottage. Our caption tells us the cottage was once occupied by the coachman at Knapp Farm.

We are not 100% certain where this was and it reminds us to caption photos in terms of things that won’t change, if possible. However, it is a lovely photo of the youthful Flo.

Flo married Bert Shore in 1940. The couple never had any children. They lived in the Market Place in Market Lavington and Flo was the honoured guest when the museum opened 30 years ago

Flo died in 1994. There is a memorial plaque for her in the churchyard, just outside our museum.


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