Some High Street families

George Davis was part of the Davis and Co coal haulage company. They featured most recently in our post of July 4th 2015 when we pointed out they had a coal yard at Lavington Station.

Photos of this Davis family are few and far between but this one was sent to us by Annette and it does show George Davis and a couple of his daughters alongside members of the Huish family.

Davis and Huish families - about 1935

Davis and Huish families – about 1935

The Davis family were neighbours of the Huish family on High Street in Market Lavington in the 1930s and through into the 1950s

George Davis is at the left hand end and next to him are his daughters Renee and Jean. Then comes Olive and Harold Huish with daughter Pamela.

We have no idea where the photo was taken. It looks wild and windswept and would not appear to be Lavington. We think the photo dates from around 1935.

George was born in about 1899 in the Kings Cross area of London. By 1911 he was a scholar in Market Lavington living with his Uncle John who was then running the coal haulage business.

Harold Huish had been born in nearby Patney in 1907. His father was a platelayer on the railway.

Olive had been born in Pewsey as Constance Olive Hopkins. Her father was a farm labourer.

It is good to be able to show photos of some people not seen before on this blog.

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2 Responses to “Some High Street families”

  1. John Young Says:

    George Davis was our coalman when we lived at Cornbury Farm Cottages in the early 1950’s. I recall at the age of four having a ride in his Fordson V8 lorry from the farm down to Gore Cross and getting told off by my mother for coming home covered in coal dust! My father was from Blaenavon, Monmouthshire – his father had been a miner and had died aged fifty-two from pneumoconiosis – and I remember Mr Davis discussing with my dad a holiday he’d had in the past in South Wales. The stone wall in the photo looks very Welsh so it may well be a snap from that or another Welsh holiday.

    Davis’s yard at Lavington station had bays for the various types of coal they stocked. These bays were walled with huge blocks of coal, some as big as three feet long by around a foot wide and deep.

    E. Hinxman of Devizes also had a coal depot at Lavington and for reasons not known to me my dad changed to Hinxman for our coal supply about 1954 after our move to Littleton Panell. E. Hinxman had a 1946 Austin K4 lorry – considerably newer than Mr Davis’s 1930’s Ford.

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