Easterton Street

Easterton Street has always (or as far as memory goes) been more built up on the east side rather than the west and this photo certainly emphasises that.

Easterton Street - early 20th century

Easterton Street – early 20th century

We are looking pretty well due north along the street heading towards Urchfont. These days we’d expect a line of parked cars to be outside the houses on the right, most of which do not have any off-street parking. But what a different world it was when our photographer snapped this picture. The only vehicle we see is horse drawn and appears to be a water bowser. This had probably been filled at Easterton pump and may well have been on its way to a hill farm. In this Edwardian photo houses would not have had water on tap, let alone electricity.

Boys feel able to pose in the road, near that bowser. One of them is relaxed enough to have sat down in the highway.

People have appeared from their houses, probably hoping to be included in the photo. A postcard copy of the photo could be purchased very cheaply so getting in the shot could be a cheap way to have your likeness taken.

On the right we have the old forge. There’s a couple posing and then a young chap (could he be a Burnett) has what looks like a horse drawn plough. Further people have come out right along the street. These days we see roads as being for cars. Back then they were for people.

The stream is on the left which may explain the fact that there are fewer houses. The land stays low for longer on that side so flooding may always have been a problem.


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