At the Day Centre

The Day Centre in Market Lavington has been running for a very long time – 33 years in fact. This picture dates from the 5th birthday party for the Day Centre which was on 28th April 1987.

Norman Miller painting of The Day Centre - 1987

Norman Miller painting of The Day Centre – 1987

We’ll see that this is not a photograph. It is a painting by Reverend Norman Miller who lived in Easterton. Norman presented it to Bunny Odbert to celebrate that 5th birthday.

We see a group of people sitting round a table in the Old School. St Mary’s church is visible through the window,

These are real people. Mrs Oram, then aged 96 but living long enough to reach the three figures faces us. Next to her is the comparatively youthful Mr Froud – a mere 79 years old. Then we have Mrs Shore, aged 80 who was born and raised in our museum building. We also have 81 year old Mrs Oliver and, we think, Mrs Druce.

One of the themes for this year’s Museum Miscellany, on October 3rd in the Community Hall, will be ‘Paint and Pencil’ and will feature Market Lavington and Easterton through the eyes and work of the painters and sketchers. This will include items which have never been on display to the public and will provide a fascinating look at Market Lavington before the days of photography. That’s certainly one to look forward to.


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