Dancing at the fête

Here we have a charming scene from 55 years ago. In about 1960 children were entertaining at the fête at Clyffe Hall by doing some country dancing. This photo was given to the museum by Mrs Elisha. Perhaps she had been responsible for organising the children.

School children dancing at a Clyffe Hall based fête in about 1960

School children dancing at a Clyffe Hall based fête in about 1960

Of course, we have no names but surely a reader will recognise some of those youngsters. Let’s zoom in on them.



From left to right: Patsy George, not yet identified, Susan Giddings, Brenda Stevens, Mary Bishop, not yet identified, Christine Ashley bending down.



From left to right: not yet identified, Stella Dark, Jenny Danton, Gerald Oram, remainder not yet identified

We can be reminded that back in 1960 children were still able to be children. We can note that they are not wearing clothes like those the adults have on. Mind you, from the look of the adults it was a chilly day. Maybe those children would feel in need of wearing something warmer when the dancing stopped.

Do get in touch if you can name these young folks.


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3 Responses to “Dancing at the fête”

  1. Chris adams ( nee Ashley) Says:

    Picture 2. L to r
    Patsy George. ? Susan Giddings. Brenda Stevens. Mary Bishop. ? Christine Ashley (me) bending down.
    Picture 3. L to R
    ? Stella Dark. Jenny Danton. Gerald Oram. ? ? ?

  2. Jjohn Burgess Says:

    Jenny Enticott nee Jenny Danton my sister in law now lives in Swindon

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