Gye’s Yard

Gye’s Yard on White Street had been a part of the Market Lavington scene for more than 100 years when this photo was taken.

Gye's YHard, White Street Market Lavington in 1989

Gye’s Yard, White Street Market Lavington in 1989

This dates from 1989 and was taken from in the yard, looking out. But we can compare it with a much older view, looking in. This was in 1906.


Gye’s Yard in 1906 – from the opposite direction

The lean to shelter on the right of the old photo is on the left in the 1989 version.

Of course, in 1989 the yard had reached the end of the line and the buildings we see in the old photo were on the verge of conversion into dwellings.

The 1989 view looks out onto White Street. The house we see across the road were once a single storey pub called the Brewery Tap. And yes, there was indeed a brewery. When that pub closed, back in the early 1920s, Market Lavington lost its last commercial brewery, which had been run by Norman Neate.

We keep such memories alive at Market Lavington Museum.

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